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In district of international transport we are working like spedition-agency, and also have six trucks four trailers 13,60, two sami trailers 6+8, two little-avia trucks 6m-35 cbm. With this and lot of others trucks engaged by us, we are covering whole Europe, ex-YU, and ex-USSR republics. In frame of our company we have agreements with 11 Slovenian trucks, 9 Hungarian trucks and 7 Romanian trucks. 

Advantage of these agreements is very successful cover transports on relation SLO-YU-SLO, H-YU-H, RO-YU-RO. All mention trucks have TIR, CEMT, CMR INSURANCE, and all rest permission for doing international transport. Also we may offer transports with small avia truck, which can load about 3 tons and 35-40 cbm goods. Transit time these trucks is 2 days from Europe to Yu, because of priority on borders.